For publishers: Traffic that pays off

We help you to exploit the technical possibilities that the online advertising market offers to large portal websites. Sternzeit Media recognizes your needs and ensures sales growth through intelligent, customized and user-friendly marketing solutions.

  1. Sternzeit Media: your technology partner with marketing expertise

    The efficient sale of online advertising space is a challenge many companies face. How can you use your own inventory and individual distribution structure as profitably as possible? How can modern software tools help you maximise your profits from advertising? To answer these questions, you need a technology partner who knows the entire ad-selling workflow and is capable of reproducing or improving it according to your company’s specific needs. The key to a successful advertising sale is optimized order handling for your company and for your advertisers. AdShops facilitates the the cost-effective processing of micro and small orders by integrating several work steps. So you have the possibility of gaining more advertisers without extra work.

  2. Optimize your display ad sales

    Your ad sales employees have access to customized sales software that optimizes the order handling and, if necessary, maps your entire sales workflow. You will receive tools with a user-friendly designed GUI simplifiying or automating process time and cost-intensive steps, no matter how your sales process is shaped. Sternzeit Media offers everything in one place: flexible template design, optimum usability, running reports, individual price management and monitoring, as well as tools for accounting, billing and analysis.

  3. Ad-shopping as a competitive advantage

    Sternzeit Media takes the idea of SaaS to its logical conclusion. Our AdShops provide one platform that allows you to offer everything from the commissioning of large campaigns to the booking of tiny classified ads in great quantities. Your AdShop can also be exactly adjusted to your needs, creating a real competitive advantage not only for your business but also for your advertisers.

  4. Your inventory sells by itself

    An AdShop of Sternzeit Media is adapted to the appearance of your portal or your online presence. This means that the advantages of our customized AdShops becomes yours: - Improved Handling: Your AdShop – as a self-service solution – is easy and fast to use. The targeted delivery of, for example, native ads provides additional reassurance for your customers. - Easy-to-manage micro-selling: Even small and micro orders can be processed inexpensively through the extensive self-service functionality of the software. - Save time by automating: for example, through integrated, automated accounting and reporting - Easy control: a campaign management tool delivers your campaigns individually - Differentiated Asset Management: clients, agencies and sales have access to the same real-time inventory - Everybody has everything in sight: your customer sees the inventory still available as well as the one already sold

For advertisers: An AdShop that almost runs itself

Sternzeit Media’s AdShops allow agencies or national retailers to accept bookings from a single access point. This saves time because you don’t need to coordinate separate campaign bookings. Our central monitoring captures all your activities.

  1. Advantages for national retailers

    Our system provides national retailers with a way to order and execute multi-regional advertising with the possibility of local customization: - Advertising media is customized for each branch. The marketing manager for a branch can contribute to the design of the advertisement if authorised. - The advertising of each branch involved will be delivered to consumers in the region - Purchasing and booking can be bundled together for integration with selected advertisers

  2. Small orders and local display

    AdShops are so simple and easy that even users booking by themselves with low or special booking needs can be accommodated. We allow: - Booking and displaying of ads with regionally limited range (local display) - Your customers have the choice between links, Inline ads and many other options - With easy-to-use modules for order processing, invoicing and advertising management, adshopping couldn’t be easier!